The Island Club App - Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of an active The Island Club account (“Membership”) using The Island Club app.

2. The promoter of The Island Club Scheme is the Island Quarter, Nottingham, NG2 3JL

3. An active The Island Club account is defined as a registered membership which, is also visible on our bookings and reservations system, and as such will have a full and viewable transactional history when used. It is the responsibility of any person registering an account to establish that the account is active which, they may check by signing into The Island Club app, or, by contacting The Island Club Help Desk.

4. Accounts which are not active are not entitled to any points, rewards, or other benefits of membership. Potential points earned before an account is active are forfeit.

5. A holder of an active The Island Club account is hereafter referred to as a “Member”.

6. Membership is only available to persons aged 18 and over.

7. It is strictly prohibited for a person to have more than one membership. In the case of a person holding multiple memberships all those memberships may be deleted along with any associated points and rewards.

8. It is strictly prohibited for a membership to be used by anybody other than the member. In the case of misuse all memberships of persons involved may be deleted along with any associated points and rewards, this may also include a ban from visiting any restaurant operated by Individual restaurants.

9. Members must ‘opt in’ to marketing emails to receive exclusive offers and maximise the benefit from joining the Island Club scheme.

10. The Island Club loyalty scheme is operated by individual restaurants under which, members accumulate points and rewards, when they visit “Binks Yard” or “Cleaver & Wake” using their membership at the time of the visit.

11. A membership is not a store card or a credit card, it is the way in which The Island Quarter shows appreciation of a member’s loyalty by rewarding them every time they visit Binks Yard or Cleaver & Wake. As such, points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

12. The Island Quarter practise a ‘no unnecessary plastic policy’ and therefore physical loyalty cards are not issued to members. To become a member, The Island Club app must be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

13. The Island Quarter shall not be liable for any unauthorised use of any membership.

14. Memberships must be present to earn or redeem rewards and points. Memberships must be presented at the time of requesting the bill and the redemption or earning of points are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.

15. A total of 5 points will be earned per £1 spent in Binks Yard or Cleaver & Wake.

16. Points may take up to 24 hours to be credited after a visit to a participating restaurant.

17. Welcome bonus points of 500 points worth £5 expire 12 weeks after joining the Island Club if unused.

18. Island Club points can be earnt for bookings and total spend of a maximum of 30 people per member in one transaction.

19. Unused earnt Island Club points will expire after 24 months from date earned.

20. Points may only be earned on purchases of food & drink to be consumed within participating restaurants equal to the item total on the bill. Points are not earned on service paid, gift card purchases or other non-food & drink items.

21. Although points cannot be earned on a gift card purchase, they can be earned when the bill has been paid in part or full by using a gift card.

22. A membership is personal to the member and points may not be transferred to or from one membership to another.

23. The points from any given bill may only be collected by a maximum of two members per table/transaction. The full total of points will only be split across two memberships, regardless of party size.

24. Points must be earned at the time of visit to a participating restaurant by a member presenting their membership. If a member wishes to request that points be added retrospectively then this request must be made no more than 2 weeks after the visit.

25. Only eligible participants may enter prize draws. The Island Quarter reserves the right to declare null and void any prize won by a member who does not meet the eligibility criteria.

26. There are numerous membership tiers of The Island Club scheme. Members can move between most tiers depending upon their spending and usage.

27. Each participating Island Quarter business has the right to withdraw, cancel or change the terms of The Island Club scheme at any time.

January App Offers Terms and Conditions

Cleaver & Wake

1. Offer is valid until 9th February 2024.

2. Offer is available all day Wednesday – Friday.

3. Complimentary bottle of wine is available when a minimum of two people dine from the lunch, dinner or supper menu.

4. Offer is only available on the following wines – Coeur du Mont Sauvignon Blanc and Coeur du Mont Pinot Noir.

5. Offer can only be used once per member in Cleaver & Wake, during the promotional period.

6. This offer is only available for the Island Club members.


Binks Yard

1. Offer is valid until 9th February 2024.

2. Offer is available Monday – Thursday all day and Friday until 5pm.

3. 25% off food is only valid when ordering from the main menu. Excludes lunch on the hop and group sharing menus.

4. Offer excludes drinks.

5. The 25% discount can be used unlimited times throughout the promotional period.

6. This offer is only available for the Island Club members.