Environmental, social & governance

As The Island Quarter lead developer, Conygar has established an ESG programme for innovating, implementing, measuring and updating key initiatives that will drive its businesses into the future.

The programme

This programme forms a key part of each project and its constituent components – from project brief, through to design/specification, construction, operation and renovation. At all stages, the development, operations and asset management teams are required to assess their performance, innovate, evolve and perfect all practices against the ESG framework.

Conygar has outlined their ESG guiding principles below, as an introduction to their ESG commitment on The Island Quarter development.


Through their work on the The Island Quarter, Conygar is collaborating with their appointed sustainability specialists to create, evolve, implement, and report against each project’s bespoke sustainability strategy.

Conygar’s Sustainability Committee will maintain formal sustainability updates to Conygar’s main committee and board. The Sustainability Committee meets on a quarterly basis and provide the necessary oversight and guidance for the maintenance and evolution of our sustainability strategy.


The core principle of Conygar’s Social policy is to create and operate communities that improve the quality of life of its stakeholders. A key aspect of their approach to all projects is to create opportunities for learning and training in all components of their business – from construction apprenticeships to developing service education programs in food & beverage.

Conygar also actively supports strategic social initiatives in the local communities in which they operate, with emphasis on facilitating the sustainability of strategic non-profit organisations that support families and training/employment for under-privileged youth.


Conygar’s primary ethos is to be a good long-term partner, and treat people fairly and with respect across all aspects of their business.

As part of their decision making processes in determining if they work with investors, vendors, and clients, Conygar ensures all partner ESG visions align satisfactorily with their own. This includes a zero-tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption.

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